Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Solymar Airbrush Tan

Yes, the rumors are true...I have started a small side business:  Solymar Airbrush tanning. 

About 6 months ago I was attending a formal event in LA. As I put on my gorgeous black dress, I looked down at my legs and thought to myself, "Boy I am so white." It was the middle of winter here in Ventura and I had not been traveling due to a job I took teaching kids to surf at Cate High School. Long story short, I decided to go get a spray tan. I searched online for a place to do this and found a salon in Camarillo. It took me a total of 45 mintues to drive out there, get sprayed and come home. I looked amazing! I was totally blown away at how great, healthy and bronzy my skin looked. The best party about this was that I didn't just ruin my skin laying in the sun all day or a tanning bed. 

A few months went by and I decided to go again to get sprayed for another event. This time I took a girlfriend with me because she wanted to try it. Once again, I was blown away by how amazing it looked and received several compliments from people about my skin.  As the tan wore off, I began to do some research about this so called "airbrush tanning."  So many questions raced through my head. "Was it safe? Does it ever make you orange? Will it streak?" and the biggest question of all time, "How come no one does mobile spray tanning in Ventura?"  After obsessing for a few months and endless hours of research, I decided to take a class in L.A.  Before I knew it I was  trained, certified and ready to spray. I was in love with the idea of a "healthy tan." No more sunburns (except I do travel a lot to foreign hot countries), peeling, tanning beds etc.  Let's face it (girls who are reading this) everyone loves to have a healthy looking tan. Right?????

So check out my final piece at   This is my first website that I have ever created and it is a fun work in progress. I have been booked everyday since I was certified. It is amazing!  

David Pu'u Blog

I just wanted to personally thank David Pu'u for all his hard work, generosity and loyalty. I so appreciate you helping me throughout the years!!!!  The blog you wrote on me was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Boy, we have done a lot of random and beautiful images throughout the year huh?

Check out David's blog that is updated regularly at