Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Update

It has been a incredible 2010 winter and it's far from over. Hot weather, cold weather, snowfall, rainfall, and non-stop swells has kept me unbelievably busy. I haven't written a blog in quite sometime, which means there has been so many great events to share with the world. So here it goes...

December 2009:

I spent 10 days on a boat in the northern atolls of Fiji. Our crew consisted of Holly Beck, Jennifer Flannigan, Kaley Swift, Chandler Parr, three photographers, and a very friendly Fijian boat crew upon the gorgeous Tui Tai. Pictures and articles will be running nationally and internationally soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


Great start to a new exciting year! 2010 here I come! I have been non-stop ever since the new year. I recently moved into a new office downtown Ventura where I run my surfing business, Mary Osborne Inc., and Solymar Tan. I am learning how to become organized. It's amazing what you can do when your in the country for more than two weeks.

Mid January- Scored perfect surf all over Ventura County and flew to Orlando, Florida for theSurf EXPO Trade show. I met with head people at Panama Jack, Maui Jim and a few other companies. Below are a few pictures from my friend Seth de Roulet @ Rincon. If your a surfer, well, I don't have to elaborate much. The surf has been incredible this winter. I been logging some serious miles on my Element searching for uncrowded surf as well as filming a lot with my friend Dave Nash.

On the plane heading East

My friend at Bing Surfboards
Surf pics by Seth D. @ Rincon

End January: I was invited down to Cabo, Mexico to teach my friend and owner of Her Energy drink how to surf. Unlike in California, the water was perfectly warm and weather very bronzable. Our surf sesson at Cabo Surf Hotel didn't last long because Brett managed to find a rock covered in sea urchins. His poor little feet. Thank goodness there is tequila in Mexico. Check this video for more:

It is the month of red, flowers, chocolates and love. That's right, Valentine's Day has arrived for 2010. I personally have never had a big Valentine's Day nor do I honestly care if it is a good day or bad day. This year I surfed all morning by myself and it was fabulous. A few days prior I threw a big party in my office and Solymar Tan (my crazy fun side business) was rocking and rolling. Thursday February 11 was a fabulous and fun "Ladies Night" gathering. This evening consisted of 70 plus women consuming everything they possibly could like spray tanning, waxing, hair blow dries, Vodka Infusion martinis, food by the Greek restaurant, live music by Jimmy Z, three various jewelry companies, and much much more fun women's necessities. The best part was that we gave %10 of sales to Free Wheelchair Mission (the organization is in Haiti right now). Check out this video if you can manage the shakiness of my tiny video camera....

Not only did I host a big party the week of Valentine's day, but I managed to host a video for Haas Automation in Oxnard. My friend Dave Nash got me the gig as their host for the "how to videos." It definitely wasn't a easy job, considering the tech savvy language I had to learn... thank god for editing! Here are a few pix from the shoot.

Pix 1: Behind scenes
Pix 2: Dave n I

I also did a shoot for Season's catering and pretended I was a wife. Pretty fun dressing up as a bride!

This week I have been filming every morning, working on proposals, negotiating contracts and involved in several fun meetings. It basically has been non-stop, but I am loving every moment.
Just as things were slowing down, I found myself in the city of Corona at Fender guitars headquarters. The crew from the "Surf Cruise Cup" which consisted of Jesse Billauer, Jonathan Blake Salazar and Robert Crancer all met up for a afternoon of fun. I never knew how much work went into making a guitar. One of the most random things I saw at Fender was that they used HAAS machines...strange small workd right?I have a entirely new love for music.

That is it for now... ENJOY!!! Hope to see you all in the water soon.............