Thursday, September 30, 2010

JAYO Volleball Celebrity Tournament Vacation Rentals Teams Up with Pro Surfers James Pribram and Mary Osborne for 2010 JAYO Invitational Celebrity-Pro-Am Volleyball Tournament Beach Vacation Rentals is an official sponsor of the 8th annual JAYO Invitational Celebrity-Pro-Am Volleyball Tournament, benefiting Adopt-A-Shark and AVP Cares. Along with their sponsorship, is entering a team in the tournament, headed up by James Pribram, professional surfer and founder of the Eco-Warrior project, and professional surfer and model, Mary Osborne. is eager to participate in the event and looks forward to raising awareness among youth of the importance and benefits of our oceans and beaches.

2009 JAYO Invitational Kids Clinic participants wait for an autograph.

2009 JAYO Invitational Kids Clinic participants wait for an autograph.

Quote startBy supporting a balanced ocean environment, can help ensure that future generations of vacationers can experience clean oceans and beaches.Quote end

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2010 is a title sponsor of the 2010 JAYO Invitational Pro Am Volleyball Tournament, which will be held on October 2, 2010 near the Long Beach, CA marina at Rainbow Lagoon Park. Heading up the volleyball team are pro surfers Mary Osborne and James Pribram.

This year, the 8th annual JAYO Invitational is benefiting 2 charities; Adopt-A-Shark and AVP Cares. Adopt-A-Shark focuses on the importance of the various eco-systems in our oceans, namely the sharks. AVP Cares, the charitable arm of the professional beach volleyball tour, works with disadvantaged youth to advance their educational and social welfare opportunities. A slew of celebrity participants will join Osborne and Pribram, including Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh, actor David Arquette, supermodel Kirsty Hume, and many more.

Sponsoring the JAYO Invitational was a natural fit for “Enjoying pristine beaches is what our vacationers have come to expect when booking a property on our site,” said CEO of, Scott also believes in educating children about the importance of conserving and protecting our oceans and beaches. “By supporting a balanced ocean environment, can help ensure that future generations of vacationers can experience clean oceans and beaches,” said Hinkley.

Pribram, who attended the 2009 JAYO Invitational, is excited about participating in the event again. In addition to the environmental work he does through his own non-profit organization, Eco Warrior, Pribram believes that bringing people together while raising awareness and looking for better solutions gives us hope in changing things for the better. “Whether it’s attending a city council meeting or a Surfrider meeting, change only happens when we begin participating and letting our voices be heard,” said Pribram.

Osborne is no stranger to environmental work. This past summer she and Pribram traveled to the Gulf Coast to raise awareness of the effects the oil spill is having on our oceans and beaches. “With everything that is happening environmentally, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start to help,” said Osborne. “If we all try to make a few simple changes in our lifestyles, it can really help.”

Osborne is also excited to make her JAYO debut on the team. “I love that site!” said Osborne. “I am a huge fan of vacationing in Cabo, Mexico – It’s an easy, quick flight and before you know it, you’re on the beach surfing.” Osborne used to play volleyball in high-school and clubs and grew up with a sand court in her parent’s yard. “Skills or no skill, either way, I’m sure I will be laughing, smiling and having a blast,” said Osborne., about to celebrate their 10th year in business, is the leading place on the Internet focused entirely on listing beach house properties available for rent around the world. connects vacationers and property owners/managers together online. For vacationers, provides an easy-to-navigate, online directory listing thousands of beach front properties. For homeowners and property managers, provides direct access to serious vacationers around the world.

For more information about or their participation in the JAYO Invitational, please contact Tarrah Graves at (949) 863-0050 or Media(at)Beachhouse(dot)com, or visit them on Facebook.

Monday, September 27, 2010

China Pictures

Amazing dishes at every meal
Our final dinner got very interesting. Great food, amazing people, and lots of local beers.
The last scene on the river. Let's just say, out of gas for a few boats. We survived the Silver Dragon
Wingnut and I at the trade show. Earphones are for translation from Mandarin to English and vice versa

Jaime n Mikala scouting out the river on a map

Surfing China trade show
Teaching people about surfing
Opening ceremony
Mr. River Official and myself

China Day One..

This email started out as a briefing for my mother and father but then I decided post it on my blog. Enjoy and sorry for mistakes im pretty jet lagged....

Made it to China safely. Due to the flight being empty, I discovered I am officially three seat lengths long on Asiana Airlines long. I am finally satisfied with being 5feet -4 inches. I got to surf the tidal bore wave yesterday and, yes, I have become first femal to ever to surf this wave. Its an amazing thing and you can't miss me on my super bright pink longboard. I am very excited to be apart of a growing sport and giant new industry here in China. We have walks of all lives with us including political leaders, business owners, families, pro surfers, media, and camera men.

Qiantang River Tidal Bore Day One...

The wave comes in a very rapid pace with the incoming tide. We time the wave coming towards us, launch the pwc's , head upriver a few miles, then chase it and ride it until it dies. Different parts of the rivers make for the wave to increase and decrease in size and the way the river is shaped effects it. To put it in perspective, it takes almost 30 minutes from our launching point to get to the part of the wave we are allowed to surf due to restrictions and permits. When I first saw it coming at me my heart was shaking. It was a giant wall of whitewater in the distance heading right towards our skis. "Is that it?" We honestly couldn't tell until it got closer to our skis. Once it arrived we all were in shock. It was a stunning site. The river is not only huge abut now there is a giant wave spanning completely across it forcing it's way towards us. We ride as long as we can before our legs or the wave give out, then try to switch partners on the jet ski before the wave crumbles us. There are two police escorts, camera crew on boats aside us and two differnt jet skis for the surf teams. Big wave surfers Jaime Sterling and Mikala jones are one team. I am with partnered with Wingnut, so we are learning how to trade off quickly, maneuver our giant longboards around on a tiny ski, avoid getting attacked by the "Silver Dragon," while still trying to make it look effortless. Yesterday, was a bit challenging when I flew off the back of the ski during a transition because my leash got wrapped around the sled. Luckily, I landed right before the giant wall of water, whipped myself around, and rode the surge until my legs were burning. It was amazing and like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Giant long turns, noserides and lots of knee-time when the open face turns to a wall of whitewater to allow my legs to rest then proceed again. Poor Wingy didn't get a proper turn, so tomorrow I will be the first driver. Meanwhile, there are large barges on the river to avoid, metal sticking out in various places due to construction, rocks, four major bridges to dodge and lots of weather elements in our face. Its pouring rain at the moment.

It is predicted that over a few million viewers will be heading down to watch this natural phenomenon that has been going on for over 300 years. This is the third time in history that surfing has been allowed by the government officials. On a normal full moon occurance it is illegal to surf in this river and most likely unsafe for a beginner or average person. Who knows if this will ever change, but the fact that we are here promoting action sports and a healthy lifestyle is a huge start.

I had a camera I bought in the airport that was both video and waterproof to show everyone what we saw up close and personal but when I got mobbed by media it got stolen in the mix. I am function on a only a few cylinders due to the lack of sleep, very jet lagged and slightly hungry. Our meals have been more than outstanding, well that is if you like traditional Chinese dishes, which I am picker eater so I stick to the greens. I like to pass on eyeballs, crazy looking fried things and bizarre looking dishes. The vegetables, noodles and my chocolate covered Goji berries I imported in have been quite tasty. I had the best peas I have ever had in my life yesterday. I didn't eve know I liked peas. Who would have thought?

Last night we enjoyed a dinner with our entire crew and translators. Then we were spoiled with a fantastic Chinese foot massage. So life really isnt too bad out here in China. I am relaxed, excited, and ready to take my cute bright pink longboard out for another spin on the challenging Silver Dragon River.

My alarm just went off which means it's time to go.

Wish us luck!

More updates to follow soon....

My first wave on the tidal bore
Wingnut and myself having a blast
Wingnut, this must have been after he surfed the wave
Police escorts as we head upriver to find the wave
Our Surfing Crew
A view from above
Puts how big the river is in perspective and the size of the wave in certain locations.
It was much bigger then smaller in various spots on the river
Perfect Lefthanders
Wingut trusting my driving
"Is that it?"
Another fun ride

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1st Place MSA Contest Sept 11-12

Held in beautiful weather with small but fun 1-3' surf at world-famous First Point, Malibu, the MSA Classic entered over 275 athletes representing California's elite surfing clubs from Sunset Cliffs to Santa Cruz. Also participating were teams from the Hawaiian Longboard Federation, Virginia Longboard Federation, Noosa Malibu Club (Qld, AU) and, for the first time, the Salinas Longboard Surf Club from San Sebastian, Spain.

"This year our youngest competitor is 9, our oldest, 79 -- the surfing collective on display. A little something for everyone, and all at historic Malibu," said MSA President Michael Blum. " It's a privilege for us to annually host one of the only contests at First Point. Thanks to our friends and partners who joined us for the weekend and to members of Malibu's surfing community who've helped to make this one of the world's most famous waves."

Fifteen minute heats, with a maximum of five waves ridden, made it extra challenging for surfers. Not only was the surf small, but tidal surges played a big role for each surfer in the lineup. Strategy and carefully selecting each wave was a determining factor in order to move into the next final rounds.

The event's only perfect 10-point ride was turned in by surfer/shaper Kevin Connelly (Men 30-39 Finals, La Jolla Shores Surfing Association). With style to spare and noseriding skills that have won him several titles -- including the 2009 U.S. Open Corona Noseriding Invitational -- "KC" connected tens and fives on a wave from the top of First Point to the beach, easily accumulating 25-plus seconds of tip time.

Other standout performances were delivered by: repeat champions Tony Silvagni (Men 20-29, Virginia Longboard Federation) and Mary Osborne (Women 19-34, Ventura Surf Club), Keoni Bloomfield and Sierra Lerback (both of the Hawaiian Longboard Federation), and Josh Constable and Matt.

Not only was the beach lined with talented surfers young and seasoned, celebrities filled the Surfrider Foundation tent surrounded by paparazzi. The Fifth Annual Celebrity Expression Session was able to raise over $29,000- a 500% increase in funds raised from last year- to help Surfrider continue it’s efforts towards protecting our world’s ocean, waves and beaches.
This year’s event was hosted by musician Martyne Lenoble and actress Christina Applegate. Commentating from the microphone with the ASP judges was pro surfer-environmentalist James Pribram The celebrities, which included Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction’s bassist Eric Avery, and actors Austin Nichols, Brian Geraghty, Eric Balfour and Sam Trammell, were all treated to a rare opportunity; the chance to surf Malibu’s famed First Point all by themselves.. For each wave caught and ridden, event sponsors donated $200. Additionally, away from the water, celebrities encouraged their social network followers to make donations to the Surfrider Foundation via and raised an additional $4,600.

It was a classic Malibu weekend at it’s finest. There were great competitors, lineup spectators and fun glassy surf. Can’t wait for next year’s event.

Major support for the 2010 MSA Classic is provided by Global Surf Industries. Other major partners include: Jim Beam Suftag, Surfrider Foundation, Duke's Malibu, Emergen-C, Clif Bar, California State Parks, and 100.3 FM The Sound.
A portion of proceeds from the MSA Classic will be donated to organizations working to improve water quality at Surfrider Beach.

China here I come...

I just realized I will be the first women invited to surf this crazy tidal bore. Check back soon for a full coverage of this amazing natural event.

Surfing China today announced the names of the four invited surfers to this years Qintang Tidal Bore event scheduled for September 23rd - 25th in Hangzhou, China.

Returning for a second year is Hawaiian big wave charger, Jamie Sterling. New this year, Jamie’s regular tow partner and fellow Hawaiian Mikala Jones of the famous North Shore Joneses. Past years athletes included Rusty and Greg Long, Mark Healy and Serghino Laus.

On the second ski, co-star of Endless Summer “part deux,” Longboarder and SUP’er, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver of Santa Cruz will be joined by the co-star and winner of the longboard divison of MTV’s “Surfer Girls,” the multi-talented Mary Osborne of Ventura.
The event is held during the Fall lunar equinox, in the beautiful Chinese city of Hangzhou. The Qintang river bore breaks for over 30 miles and is regularly between 9 and 12 ft faces. There are big rolling faces, walls of white water and reflecting wedged barrels along the way. Four to six world class surfers will trade cut backs, slashes, airs and tail whips as they ride the daily bore to the cheers and amazement of literally hundreds of thousands of people lining the shores.

For additional Information, contact Glenn Brumage or visit: