Wednesday, September 15, 2010

China here I come...

I just realized I will be the first women invited to surf this crazy tidal bore. Check back soon for a full coverage of this amazing natural event.

Surfing China today announced the names of the four invited surfers to this years Qintang Tidal Bore event scheduled for September 23rd - 25th in Hangzhou, China.

Returning for a second year is Hawaiian big wave charger, Jamie Sterling. New this year, Jamie’s regular tow partner and fellow Hawaiian Mikala Jones of the famous North Shore Joneses. Past years athletes included Rusty and Greg Long, Mark Healy and Serghino Laus.

On the second ski, co-star of Endless Summer “part deux,” Longboarder and SUP’er, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver of Santa Cruz will be joined by the co-star and winner of the longboard divison of MTV’s “Surfer Girls,” the multi-talented Mary Osborne of Ventura.
The event is held during the Fall lunar equinox, in the beautiful Chinese city of Hangzhou. The Qintang river bore breaks for over 30 miles and is regularly between 9 and 12 ft faces. There are big rolling faces, walls of white water and reflecting wedged barrels along the way. Four to six world class surfers will trade cut backs, slashes, airs and tail whips as they ride the daily bore to the cheers and amazement of literally hundreds of thousands of people lining the shores.

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