Monday, September 27, 2010

China Pictures

Amazing dishes at every meal
Our final dinner got very interesting. Great food, amazing people, and lots of local beers.
The last scene on the river. Let's just say, out of gas for a few boats. We survived the Silver Dragon
Wingnut and I at the trade show. Earphones are for translation from Mandarin to English and vice versa

Jaime n Mikala scouting out the river on a map

Surfing China trade show
Teaching people about surfing
Opening ceremony
Mr. River Official and myself


Be.Like.Water said...

Great blog Mary and loved reading about the bore in China, I recently surfed the Severn bore with a kayaker friend at 10.30pm at night, what a surreal and beautiful experience!

Keep up the inspirations - Good Luck!

Yubert's America said...

Why are you wearing that blue down jacket? Was it that cold? I thought that part of China was still hot and humid in September.