Monday, September 15, 2008

Nostika TV interview

Keep your eyes peeled for a new TV show called Nostika.
Here are a few pics from the interview this last month in San Diego at ASR event at the W Hotel.

"Nostika Magazine proudly announces the launch of NOSTIKA TELEVISION.

Beginning Sunday September 14th, at 10PM, NOSTIKA TELEVISION will air on MyTV 13 XDTV- San Diego. The weekly 30 minute show will fuse the multicultural markets of our area with an array of diverse segments that include music, art, fashion and cultural events. This innovative program will be hosted by Alycia Powers and German Suarez, who together, make a pair of captivating hosts that will leave you asking for more.

We will also showcase interviews with local and international talent. Every week NOSTIKA TELEVISION will take viewers on a visual journey throughout San Diego and the world.

For over three years, Nostika Magazine has been reporting on current issues and the diversity of the San Diego & Baja California communities. Having seen the magazine make such a positive impact on readers in this demographic, the idea of bringing the same type of content to television was the next obvious step."

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