Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aryana first time surfing...

Aryana Ashlie, 5 yrs old, from North Carolina. Here are some clips I put together of her surfing for her family to take back home with them. She was so cute and had a blast!

A message from her Mother: At five years old Aryana Ashlie loves to move and is fearless so when the opportunity came for her to paddle out with Mary Osborne she jumped at the chance. Being no stranger to speed, Aryana was relaxed and took her cues from Mary out in the ocean. When asked how it felt being on the board she said, "It was so much fun and when we stood up we went fast, really, really fast. The goodest part was falling down at the end. You get your hair wet then pop right up and if a big wave comes you can jump over it. It was awesome with Mary and cool and funny. I was brave because Mary would never let go of me."

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