Thursday, May 27, 2010

Betty Belts Launches Cause Collection May 2010

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Out of a journey to Bali with Team Betty, four new designs were born, each for a good cause.

Betty Belts entrepreneur/designer Donna von Hoesslin and her partner photographer/filmmaker David Pu'u were accompanied by four Betty Belts ambassadors, Mary Osborne, Jeanette Ortiz and Sierra and Hailey Partridge on a recent work trip to Bali. One goal of this extraordinary trip was to have each of them work on their own new design directly with Donna and the artisans who hand manufacture the Betty B. jewelry collection. Then they each chose a name for the design and a cause to donate 10% of sales to.

"These designs are a great addition to the many classics already in the Betty B. collection", says Betty Belts owner Donna von Hoesslin. "Their enduring stye will keep them popular for many years to come, ensuring continuing donations to the wonderful causes chosen."

Each of the new designs is engaging and timeless:

Compassion, an enduring hammered double circle design by Hailey Partridge, donates to B.A.R.C., a group that rescues and rehabilitates Bali street dogs for adoption.
Confidence, by Mary Osborne, is a bold and beautiful instant boost for every woman with its sleek design and strong lines. It donates to the Womens Sports Foundation, focused on advancing the lives of girls and women through physical activity.
Delphinidae, by Sierra Partridge, is inspired by a heartwarming dolphin story she shares, and donates to Project Kaisei, an ambitious and brilliant endeavor that focuses on capturing the great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Marie by Jeanette Ortiz is named after a woman who inspires her, her own mom! Jeanette chose Doctors Without Borders as the cause to donate 10% of sales to Doctors Without Borders.

Betty Belts was founded in 2003 with a small collection of hand beaded belts from Bali. It didn't take long before Donna added jewelry and bags to the collection, which has become very desirable among a niche of ocean lovers including, but not limited to, female surfers around the world. The company is focused on sustainability in enduring design and a Win-Win principle for the people making the product, the end-consumer and everyone in between. The first Betty B. Cause Design, a Wave Necklace, was created in 2006 and has been donating 10% of its sales to Surfaid International ever since. Winner of multiple environmental awards, Betty Belts has been a Green America Approved Business and member of 1% for The Planet since 2007.

The trip included an unforgettable visit to the East Bali Poverty Project, an amazing cause in itself that is one of the recipients of Betty Belts' annual 1% For The Planet donations.

This entire journey was shot in HD motion capture by David Pu'u and Aaron Marcellino. A beautiful documentary is in the pipeline about trip, the cause, the connectivity and the culture.
Read about the trip here on David Pu'u's Blog.

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