Wednesday, June 23, 2010

$50,000 raised during 24 hour surf-a-thon by PSOS

It was a successful and exciting weekend in Huntington Beach. Our team, The Eco Warriors, managed to come into first place in the Recreational Division. We had a blast surfing all the through the wee hours of the night. I must admit, it was a huge challenge surfing in dark at Huntington Pier. Flood lights were set up to help light up the waters, but the reflections made it extremely difficult. It was well worth it!!! The results are huge and rewarding for every beach lover!

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and supported this fun event. See below for one of the many press articles and videos that are flooding the internet.

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It was a long night.

Surfers celebrated at noon today after raising $50,000 during a 24-hour surf-a-thon put on by Project Save Our Surf, an event in Huntington Beach that brought celebrities and big-name surfers together for ocean awareness.

Team Billabong took home the first ever Surf 24 win after beating out nine other teams made up of surf brands and recreational teams.

The unique competition started on noon on Saturday, and had early appearances by many stars who drew a crowd, including True Blood’s Sam Trammell, 24′s Eric Balfour, and Mad Men’s John Slattery. To read more about Saturday’s action, click here.

Actress Tanna Frederick created the event, helping to raise $50,000 for ocean causes

Paul Tomson – brother of co-host of event Shaun Tomson -was beaming as he got out of his late-night heat at 10 p.m.

“Unreal, I’m just having so much fun,” he said. “It’s so beautiful, surfing a contest at night. The whole event has a heartwarming, beautiful vibe to it, … it’s all about goodness.”

“It gives the true feeling of surfing – it’s about giving back, it’s not rigid hard, competitive stuff.”

Even though it was casual contest, surfers were serious about waves. Even during the late-night hours, surfer were scoring waves earning 9 points (out of ten) and higher.

Seal Beach surfer Chris Waring – surfing for Jacks Surfboards team – competed in a total six heats during the 24-hour period, including from midnight straight to 3 a.m.

“It wasn’t bad,” he said after competing in the last heat of the day.

It was a different feeling, he said. He’s never surfed in the middle of the night before – and because the lights were so bright, you really had to feel for waves rather than look for them.

“It was harder to see the lip,” he said.

The recreational winning team went to the “Eco Warriors,” led by Laguna Beach surfer James Pribrim, who was also given the Hope award.

“He has done amazing work all over the planet,” said event creator Tanner Frederick.

Host PT Townend, who commentated much of the event and surfed a midnight heat – was stumbling a bit over words on the microphone by the end of it.

“I think there’s a lot of people who need a full night’s sleep, that would be me,” he said, chuckling. “When you’re my age, you should be asleep by midnight.”

It’s not too late to donate – go to

Click here to see photos of celebs on Saturday, night surfing, and snaps from Sunday.


Anonymous said...

verrry cool... I used to surf the pier at night in '69 and 70... of course we had our 'own' floodlights... between our ears!!
Well done!!!
Let's use some vid for your Dwight Yoakam Wild Ride cowsurf video!

Black Diamond Cleaning Girl said...

What an amazing event! Gorgeous weather and even more gorgeous surfers!! It was an honor to be a part of such an event. Great post Mary and can't wait to see you shred at the next event!!
-love, Denielle

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mary! Thanks to you, Tanna Frederick, the Project Save Our Surf team and all the participants for creating an incredible event.