Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Gulf through my eyes

The view from above
Save Our Sound Charity event
Signings to locals

Wildlife response center where we watched a pelican be cleaned
Fourth of July, 2010
Beaches still open, families and children playing with tar nearby
Part of our amazing and talented crew:
Pro Surfer Chuck Patterson
James "Eco Warrior" Pribram
Government agencies are always nearby watching our every step of the way
Captain Tom explaining the harsh reality of what is happening the Gulf waters
Cleaned birds are kept here until they release them. To where one might ask...I have no clue
One of the many stickers
BP workers taking a break: 20 min. on 40 off
What used to be a shrimp and fishing boat will soon be turned into a Vessel of Opportunity
vehicle...Well, that is if they can get into the program.
Local signs posted in front of homes, businesses and restaurants
A mock cemetery clearly explains it all
Drop your birds and go... bizarre, eerie, and sad
Welcome to Grand Isle, Louisiana
Oil and water clearly don't mix
Three days later this beach had tar covering it.
Who knows when this child will get to play on it again.
Chuck Patterson painting at the Save Our Sound fundraiser on July4.
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The best pictures are not released yet...check back for more soon!

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Trish said...

I guess we can't trust the majority of the BIG corporations to actually have backup plans, just in case anything may go wrong....Seems to me most all corporates are only interested in raising those profits so the upper crust can get their astronomical bonuses to throw the moolah around for extra houses, bigger diamonds, more lavish parties, etc. In my opinion, all those bonuses should be given to the business people to help them through this Gulf drilling devasation. I'm just sayin' BP should have had back-up plans tested and ready, just in case...the damage is devastating and no telling how long it will take for the area to recuperate.